Challenges of Data Transmission in Wireless Sensor Network

Efficiency of data transmission in wireless sensor network is highly affected by architecture model used for routing the data packets in the network. Depending upon the application different architecture and design issues are considered for data transmission in wireless sensor network. In wireless sensor network designing of routing protocol for data transmission is an important task and it is influenced by many challenges such as characteristics of sensor network and nodes properties. Some of the challenges that need to overcome during design of routing protocol for data transmission are as follows:

·         Designing of routing protocol in wireless sensor network requires careful management of data delivery, energy consumption, and security and data collection issues. Routing protocols in wireless sensor network should maximize the lifetime of overall network. 
·         Routing protocol should be scalable with a large number of nodes and should response to event or if there is any change in the network topology such as link break among the node etc.  Many researchers have proposed different routing protocols for wireless sensor network.
·         In tree based routing approach for data transmission and data collection, construction of tree itself is a challenging task. Selection of a parent node for energy efficient data transmission involves consideration of several parameters.
·         Most of the network model assumed that sensor nodes are stationary. Some applications utilize the mobile sensor nodes. In some application sink node support mobility. In applications which have large coverage area there may be more than one sink nodes. So data transmission also has challenges related to dynamic network topology.

·          Data delivery models also affect the performance of data transmission. In wireless sensor network data delivery models may be continuous, event driven and query based. Data transmission is highly influenced by data delivery models especially in terms of energy consumption and path stability.

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