Multiple Choice Questions Answer in Non Conventional Energy Resources

Energy is a basic need in the present scenario.Water is the primary source used for generating the electricity. But now a day some non conventional energy resources are required. In this post I am presenting some objective questions from NCER Subject.

1.The predominant source of energy on earth is

(a) Electricity (b) Natural Gas (c) The Sun (d) Plants

2. In what form can solar energy be used?

(a) Thermal energy (b) Electrical energy (c). Mechanical Energy (d) All of above

3. What is the most common material used in making solar cells?

 (a) Silver (b) Iron (c) Aluminium (d) Silicon

4. Which of the following solar cookers is the most efficient and has the shortest cooking time?

 (a) Box cooker (b) Parabolic cooker. (c) Panel cooker (d) Cardboard type cooker

5. The electrical output of a solar cell depends on the

(a) Intensity of solar radiation (b) Heat component of solar radiation (c) Ultraviolet radiation (d) Infrared radiation

 6. Which type of dryer can be used to dry fruits and vegetables using renewable energy?

(a) Oil furnace (b) Solar dryer (c) Coal furnace (d) Wood-based furnace

7. Solar photovoltaic cell converts solar energy directly into

(a) Mechanical energy (b) Electricity (c) Heat energy (d) Transportation

8. What does SPV stand for with respect to solar energy?

(a) Solar photovoltaic (b) Solid platevoltaic (c) Solar platevoids (d) None of the above

9. Solar energy travels through space by the process of

(a) Conduction (b) Convection (c) Radiation (d) Transportation

 10. A solar pond is a combination of which of the following combinations?

(a) Solar energy collection & heat storage (b) Solar energy storage & heat collection (c) Solar energy collection & energy storage (d) None of the above

non conventional energy resources

11. Which of the following system is an application of solar thermal energy?

(a) Internal combustion engine (b) Biogas generation (c) Solar water heating (d) Solar lighting

12. Which of the following appliances use solar photovoltaic technology?

(a) Solar lantern (b) Biogas plant (c) Solar water heater (d) Solar air heater

 13. The value of solar constant is approximately

(a) 6.5 kW/m2 (b) 1.36 kW/m2 (c) 3.64 kW/m2 (d) 10 kW/m2

14. A typical insulation material used in a solar collector is

 (a) Fibre glass (b) Cotton (c) Glass wool (d) None of the above

15. In a box type solar cooker, the solar radiations that enter and leave the box are of

(a) Short & long wavelength respectively (b) Long & short wavelength respectively (c) Similar wavelengths (d) None of the above

16. Pyranometer is an instrument used for measuring the

(a) Temperature of solar photovoltaic cell    (b) Solar irradiance of a solar photovoltaic cell

(c) Wind speed of a solar photovoltaic cell   (d) Efficiency of a solar photovoltaic cell

17. A solar still is device used for

(a) Heating water (b) Cooling water (c) Distilling water (d) Production of electricity

 18. Which of the following solar energy devices is designed to reflect & concentrate energy from sunlight?

(a) Solar cooker (b) Solar cell (c) Solar water heater (d) Solar concentrator

19. A pyrheliometer is an instrument used to measure the

 (a) Temperature of solar photovoltaic cell (b) Intensity of direct solar radiation at normal incidence (c) Intensity of indirect solar radiation (d) Efficiency of a solar photovoltaic cell

20. The term beam solar radiation is related to

(a) Small hydropower (b) Flat plate solar collector (c) Turbine (d) Coal extraction mechanism