"Computer Networks is one of the most  important subject of Computer Science. Lot of questions are asked in different exam like GATE, NET from this subject. If students want to make their career in networking filed and want to become Network Administrator, System Administrator then they should have a good knowledge of Computer Network subject.  In different certification exams like CCNA questions are asked from this subject. Any way in this post I am telling about some basic level questions from Computer Network. Students from Computer Science field should have awareness about these questions."

Questions 1: What do you Understand by Computer Network?

Question 2: Explain the OSI Reference Model.

Question 3: Explain the TCP/IP Model.

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Question 4: Explain the design issues and functionalities of each layer of OSI Model.

Question 5: Explain the function of  networking device like Hub, Switch, Modem,Router,Bridge, Switch. Also tell at which Layer of OSI Model these devices work respectively.

Question 6: What do you understand by the term Bandwidth, Channel ,Frequency, Period,Analog Signal, Digital Signal, Broadband, Baseband,Wavelength.

Question 7: Define the term attenuation, noise,distortion, latency, propagation time, delay time,

Question 8: What do you understand by Synchronous and Asynchronous Transmission?

Question 9: Explain the different mode of data transmission like Simplex , full Duplex,half duplex.

Question 10: What do you understand by Network Topology? Explain different type of network topology .

Question 11: Explain the Multiplexing?

Question 12: What do you understand by Guided and Unguided Transmission Media?

Question 13: What is switching ? Explain different Switching Methods.

Question 14:What are different Network Architecture ?

Question 15: What is Ethernet?

Question 16: What do you understand by term Protocol in Computer Network?