Some Important Questions from XML are as follows:

1.List out the uses of XML.

2.Mention the features of scripting languages.

 3.Define DTD.

4.Differentiate Internal DTD and External DTD with eg.

5. What is XML prolog?

6.List out the XML vocabularies.

7.Differentiate URI and URL.

8.Define XML parser.

9.What is meant by XML namespace?

10. Define XSLT.

 11.Define CSS.

 12.Mention the advantage of using validating parser over non validating parser.

 13.Define DOM.

14. Write a short note on DBMS.

 15.Define relational database model.

16. Give the use of primary key in database with eg.

17. Give the syntax for merging data from multiple tables.

 18.What is session tracking?

 19.What is the purpose of using file system objects in ASP?

 20.What is meant by Server side ActiveX component?

 21.Define ADO.

 22.What is meant by Session object?